Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Blog?

Burlington, Vermont

Why do I blog so persistently?   It doesn't make us rich; in fact we've never earned a penny in income from this blog.   It takes work, about 30 minutes per post.   I'm sure you can guess the answer -- because I enjoy it.   Nobody would write so much stuff unless they like doing so.

Another reason is that from time to time, I get a nice little note like the one below from a reader. (his name/ and address I redacted)  To know that my blog makes other people happy is sufficient reward.
Just want to tell you/remind you how much I get from, and enjoy your blog. Perhaps some days you write and wonder "does anybody read?" "does anybody have interest?" I'm here to tell you...year after year...I benefit both from your "tales of the road" as well, by far, as your examination of things, of life, of reality.

Well done, well done! Thank you!

I'm certain you've heard this from others; those of us who have not embarked on such a path (yet) are "stacking away fuel" to do it, fed by the real-ness of what you write, and remind me/us of. Thank you, Dick Mills.
A secondary question is "How do you do it?" and I don't mean the technical details.  Well, perhaps because of my training as an engineer, or perhaps because of my personality, I'm pretty observant of thing and of people around me.   I observe, and I wonder about things I see or hear or read, and I form independent theories or opinions. I'm a skeptic at heart. The majority of my posts are based on those observations.

A minority of the posts, simply chronicle where we are and what we're doing.  Those are of interest to family, friends, and loyal readers.  We need to do that to keep people involved, but if that was the only thing that I wrote on the blog, readership would fall swiftly.

Of course, Libby and I have the advantage of living an exotic life style.   If we lived in a condo and watched TV, we would see and do fewer interesting things.

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  1. Your blog and The Writer's Almanac by Garrison Keillor are my two daily stops on the Internet, Dick. You keep mentioning that you are an engineer, but while that has been your trade, your personality is something quite different from the stereotypical engineer. Your inquisitiveness makes you appear more like a scientist, not someone just out to solve a problem limited in scope. Guess that's why I keep coming back.


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