Sunday, September 14, 2014


Barnegat Inlet, Tom's River NJ
39 45.546 N 074 07.016 W
According to plans, we should have be passing Ocean City, MD right now headed for Norfolk. Instead, we are at anchor in Barnegat Bay. What happened?
To make a long story short, we were defeated by a strong swell from the East with a short period. Combine that with strong winds, and Tarwathie (and her crew) were pitched and rocked violently. Sea sickness set in, followed by fatigue. Very quickly we wanted refuge. Barnegat was the first safe inlet we encountered. We came in here Saturday afternoon, and the forecast shows that we won't resume the trip until Tuesday. .
So, we are 56 nm from our previous anchorage at Liberty Island, and 200 nm from Hampton roads; we traveled 20% of the passage. Plans go up in smoke
This is the reality of cruising for two old folks like us. The Westsail 32 can take us anywhere on the globe, but the crew has limited capabilities; and the crew is aging one year per year.

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  1. Eduardo may be the cause of your troubles, perhaps you'll be there longer than tues ?


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