Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hunkered Down

Pungo River, Bellhaven, NC
35 31.238 N 076 29.800 W
We haven't posted in several days because whe have been hunkered down and incognito.
We left Elizabeth City on Tuesday (something I regret; bad decision). The weather sounded too rough for the outer bank route and Pamlico Sound, so we followed the ICW down The Alligator River. The winds became very strong and we gladly made the turn at the south end of the river and found a sheltered spot to anchor,
The trouble switch that is that the next day was even rougher, so we stayed put. But what a lousy place to be. We had no cell phone signal, no Internet (boy am I spoiled). Worse, the insects in The Alligator River fly in biblical size swarms. We spent the whole 36 hours with the boat buttoned up tightly without a breath of fresh air.
This morning was calm, but with pea soup dense fog. Oh no; we wanted to leave early. Oh well. We spent some time cleaning insect carcasses from everything above the water line on Tarwathie. When the fog lifted to visibility 100 meters, we left. Thst meant we had to move very slowly and carefully in the narrow dredged channel ipuntil reaching the Alligator-Pungo Canal. In the canal, visibility was adequate to see oncoming boats, and no real navigation was necessary.
We have anchored 5-6 times in The Alligator River and hated it every time. You should avoid it if possible.
P.s. oriental next, then we will try to visit with Jeff&Wendy, then on to New Bern, then off to visit with Dave and Cathy.
We are having engine trouble, but we missed an appointment with a machanic today. We will have to try again later. I'll write more about the trouble later.

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  1. At least you're still moving. We came south this spring as part of a move to FL. Boat is now on the hard in Wilmington, awaiting a new engine... It was a great 10 days while it lasted...,


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