Tuesday, September 09, 2014

New York Is A Jewel

Troy, NY
42 44.046 N 73 41.496 W
We just exited our last lock, the Troy Federal Lock. We are back in the Hudson River where there is 4 feet of tide. First tides we've seen since June. It is bittersweet. We have the beautiful Hudson Valley before us, but we have the beautiful upstate NY and VT behind us. Sigh.
Mechanicville, NY added very nice free showers, to aff to their free pump out, electric nod water. What a great place. We spent the weekend there. And rented a car. Saturday we visited we my sister Marilyn, and Sunday we traveled to Rome and visited John and Becky
Monday we moved to Waterford where the tugboats from the Tugboat Festival had just departed. The weather has been excellent.
We could stay here anothe pr 5 weeks and experience the nicest part of the year. But if we did so we would regret it later because cold and stormy weather would chase us all the way south. Life is a compromise.
We watched the film "All Is Lost" last night. It was about a cruising sailor, and should have been of prime interest to us. We found it wildly unrealistic. This morning we compared notes about all the technical errors in the movie. Libby and I each has a long long list of errors.


  1. The best season of upstate New York is here, Dick. Mostly sunny days, low humidity, temps in the 70s during the day, 50s at night for good sleeping, and the leaves are changing (at least here on the mountain). Don't be too quick to head south!

  2. Headed to Boston from NJ. Will wave as we go over the GW bridge!


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