Friday, September 26, 2014

Oriental; Condolences

Oriental. NC
35 01.488 N 076 41.726 W
We pulled in to the new public dock in Oriental this morning.
Normally it is a joyous thing to arrive in Oriental. We like it so much. But today, we heard of the horrible death of a 69 year old woman. and a fellow sailor in this exact spot three days ago. Although we never met, We extend sincere condolences to the family of this woman.
I would love to tell the story as we heard it, but out of respect for the family I won't. They might discover this post via google search and I would. Not want to remind them of a painful memory.
Sometime in the future, I'll tell the story stripped of the name/place/date details. There is a serious safety lesson to be learned.


  1. The cruising community needs to hear about this now. It may save a life if you tell it sooner

  2. I, too, wish you would talk about this sooner rather than later (if you feel up to it). I was able to Google and get names and a brief synopsis, so I think it's basically public knowledge, but i'd sure value your insight.


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