Friday, September 12, 2014

Ready-Set ... Soon Go.

Croton on The Hudson.
Everything is ready for an ocean passage, we wait only for the tide to turn. How ironic that the tides hamper us from getting to the sea. But remember your literature, "we sail with the tide"is a very common phrase.
Actually, we welcome the delay. We got little sleep the previous two nights because of railroad noise and because of strong wind. We actually dragged anchor a little last night in only 10 feet of water with 80 feet of chain out. I put out 120 feet of chain and it held. But the night was bumpy. Our fault, we made a poor choice of anchorage.
The radio says we might get to see an aurora tonight. That is very rare at these low latitudes. Being out to sea gets us away from light. If only the clouds will hold off. We should also have a 3/4 moon rising 3 hours after sunset. It may be a very beautiful, but cold night at sea. I'm going to get out long underwear.
Winds sound favorable for making it to the Chesapeake in 48 hours. At that end, the forecast says thunderstorms every day for a week. I guess that's normal for that region, this time of year. I recall tha last time we make this passage, we arrived in the middle of a real cloudburst. It rained so hard visibility was almost zero.
Wish us "fair winds." That is the traditional parting salutation for sailors.
Don't look for more blogs until Monday.

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  1. Fair winds and following seas, Dick. As for the northern lights, we've got nothing but clouds here in upstate New York. Maybe you'll do better.


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