Monday, October 27, 2014

Bah! Bad Passage

Charleston Maritime Center, Charleston, SC
32 47.354 N 079 55.455 W
I confess, we're spoiled. Avoidance of discomfort outweighs pursuit of pleasure.
Case in point, our offshore passage from Little River to Charleston.
The traditional parting salutation for sailors is "Fair winds and following seas." That is what we were supposed to have yesterday according to That National Weather Service. What we got was the opposite. We had head winds and head seas.
Tarwathie performs poorly in those conditions. Under sail, we make only +-60 degrees into the wind. Under power she porpoises. That means pitching fore-aft. The pitching dissipates mush or her forward momentum into the approaching waves. That slows us drastically. We might be doing 4 knots under power, when she porpoises into a wave that slows us down to 1.5 knots. Bah. I hate that.
Bottom line, we survidpved it, but I would have rather stayed in the ICW yesterday. We also miss out on get togethers in Beaufort with friends Richard and Penny, and cousin Janet and Gordon.
Anyhow, we'll play tourist in Charleston for a day or two. Any suggestions? We are berthed at the base of this bridge.

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