Saturday, October 04, 2014

Window Into The Belly of The Beast

Zebulon, NC

Regular readers know that I lean toward the libertarian side of politics, and that I think Edward Snowden is a hero.   I found an antihero, Mr. Stewart Baker.  Mr. Baker, formerly of the NSA and DHS, and now a private practice lawyer, has views the opposite of mine on many issues.  I can think of him as the great Satan, the beast.  Well, Mr. Baker has a weekly podcast called the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast.

I started following this podcast because I'm interested in the issues.   I found Mr. Baker's attitude (and that of many of his guests) breathtaking.   He (they) is very contemptuous of privacy advocates and foreign governments.   I think of him as proof of why government should never be trusted.  If people in government are as contemptuous of privacy as he is, we can only expect that they will strive to circumvent and subvert any restrictions the public wishes to place on them.

On the other hand, Mr. Baker, his partners and his guests are very well informed about what is going on beyond the headlines.   They are also very pragmatic about what is likely to happen next and in how debates are likely to pan out.   I've come to respect their knowledge and insight greatly.

I have also listened to Mr. Baker's arguments, and in many cases, after critical thinking, I conclude that he is correct and that I should change my opinions.  I still think of him as the great Satan, but a Satan who is reasoned and correct pretty often.

If you are interested in the issues of NSA data collection, or Edward Snowden's revalations, and if you are unsure which side is right in the debate, and sure or unsure over whether government should be trusted, I recommend the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast.  You don't need to episodes in real time,  you can go back to episode one and I promise you will be entertained and enlightened.

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  1. Perhaps some day soon, the people will come to recognize that the left / right paradigm is an artificial construct, specifically designed by the powers that be to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves while they rape and pillage with impunity.

    If you doubt this, all you have to do is look at the last five or six presidents and their actions. Each one, regardless of their "side of the aisle" has brought us inexorably closer a totalitarian government. Obama, the purported "constitutional scholar" gave me some hope for about fifteen minutes. Until he filled his cabinet with bankers. And then, instead of repealing the totalitarian map, the unconstitutional "Patriot Act," he proceeded to extend and enhance it.

    Until the people recognize this trend en masse and move to stop it, that is where we are headed.

    Unfortunately, I doubt America can be pulled away from its tailgating, ball games and reality shows long enough to figure out they are chattel. Quite frankly, it saddens me to no end to be awake in a sleeping world.


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