Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unfair Winds

27 32.855 N 080 20.718 W
We departed from Vero and we are trying to get to Marathon ASAP. There are toe reasons to hurry. First, it's too cold here. Last night' slow was 55 in Vero but 70 in Marathin. Second, we are getting reports thst the mooring field in !arathin is filling up more rapidly than normal.
But the wind forecasts are against us. (Is the opposite of fair winds unfair winds? I suspect that the nautical opposite is foul winds, but that doesn't sound right either.). Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the winds are stron from the NE. Seas in the outside will be up to 8 feet making it unattractive. Saturday and Sunday the wind will blow 25-30 from the south. It is as if the Gods don't want us to get there.
I feel a bit guilty because Tarwathie could perform at her best with the conditions for the next three days. She could get us there in 48 hours. It is not the boat's limits. It is the crew that seeks to avoid discomfort. Oh well. We aren't out here to prove how tough we are; we are here to have fun.
I think we may have to do something we never did before. That is to use the ICW south of Lake Worth. Always before, we went on the outside to avoid this stretch of ICW through urban areas with numerous bothersome drawbridges.
On the plus side, we may have the opportunity to be social. We would like to visit with Beverly in West Palm, with Al in Dania, and with Randy in Coconut Grove.
P.s below is a picture from upstate NY today, Seeing that just makes us want to flee southward.

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  1. Dick - I feel so bad for you having to endure 55 degree weather. With a little luck we should see 55 degrees again in about 6 months.


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