Saturday, November 22, 2014

Whine Whine

Miami Beach, FL
Man oh man. Today was even worse than yesterday. The weather report said E25-30. Actually it blew E35-40!
Last night in Lake Sylvia we were very uncomfortable. The wind blew so hard, and we were so close to other boats. We got out of there ASAP this morning.
But out on the ICW, it was no picnic. One bridge only opened one of its two spans. As we went through, we were heeled over so far (under bare poles) that I feared hitting the bridge with the hull on port and simultaneously hitting the raised spam with the mast on starboard. Jeez.
Coconut Grove Sailing Club was full up, so we planned to go to Dinner Key. I changed my mind because that mooring field is very exposed to E winds. Instead, we are anchord in Miami Beach next to Venetian Causeway, and near the Publix By The Bay store. (How's that for a cool grocery store name?). If you watch CSI Miami, you see aerial shots of this location every show.

Tyvärr, no people watching on the water or on the land in Miami Beach today. The weather is keeping everyone inside.

The weather will start to settle tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday we will have light winds. Wednesday will bring more nasty weather. I plan to be secure in Boot Key Harbor before the bad weather arrives.
BUT IT IS WARM! 79 degrees. Nothing like up north this week. Click here to see what it is like up there.

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  1. Our friends, Kent and Jane, made it to BKH today from Miami (quite a run) with their PDQ 34, Rising Tide (They just recently purchased it, so the former name, Serenity, is still displayed on the flybridge). They're old sailing friends from our Catalina 22 days and we've logged quite a few miles with them. They'll be there a while, so be sure to say Hi. Tell 'em we sent ya!


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