Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busman's Holiday

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

So, when cruisers get tired of boats, and water, and sunshine, and nice weather, what do they do to take a break?  We went out for a sail on our boat to enjoy the water and sunshine and nice weather.

Actually, we went to two destinations.  First to Sombrero Reef where we planned to go snorkeling. But when we got there and tied up to the mooring ball, it was too choppy and uncomfortable.   The reef is the place where ocean swells encounter very shallow spots so the waves are magnified and distorted.  Too bad, we'll try again.

As a consolation we headed for Bahia Honda, a key about 7 miles away that we have never visited by boat before.  There is a state park there, and there are beaches on the ocean side of the island, on the bay side of the island, and in the lagoon in between.  It is very nice, and we enjoyed ourselves.  I got to swim on two of those beaches.

The next time we have visitors from the frozen north who want sun and beach, we'll take them there.

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