Thursday, January 15, 2015


Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

There was a discussion on Slashdot the other day about the subject of fixing things.   The premise was that the younger generation never learns how to be handy or to fix stuff because today's thinks (like iPhones) are not meant to be repairable.  I posted a comment about the days when Libby and I used to fix the voltage regulator on or Ford via a whack from a tire iron.   A whack on the side of the TV was also the universally known fix for any and all TV problems.  

Just now, I started off this laptop computer.  (The one I'm typing on now.)   The screen showed bright red circular interference patterns.  Uh Oh.  Those patterns area the unmistakable sign of a broken screen.  I really don't need another malfunction right now.  We had two iPad malfunctions already this month.  

I rebooted the laptop.  No effect.  Double uh-oh.   Having nothing to loose I gave it a solid WHAP.  That fixed it (at least temporarily).  It is gratifying to know that some old fashioned skills are still useful.


  1. Old joke about a tv repairman called in to fix a set.
    Puts down his tool kit, examines the tv.
    Stands in front and gives it a "Whack", problem solved!
    Hands the owner a bill for 75$.
    Owner says that's outrageous! I could have done that!
    Repairman says: but I knew WHERE to do it!

  2. I've heard this referred to as "percussive maintenance" ;-)


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