Thursday, February 19, 2015

lower case brrrrr

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

The rest of the US East Coast is being hammered by a wicked winter storm.   It is very cold and very windy.

Here in Marathon, we too are suffering from the same storm.  However, I hesitate to compare it to other places because it is much milder here.  High temperature 59; the low 45.  Even mainland Florida is expecting hard freezes, but not here.

That doesn't mean it is nice.  It feels very cold and very windy.  My friend Bob is fond of saying, "We don't live in a boat, we live on a boat."   On days like this, we really feel it.

The forecast calls for this weather to last for three days.

Rowing the dinghy to shore is not a problem for me, but with both Libby and me in the dinghy, rowing against stiff winds is difficult.

I know from previous experiences on Lake Champlain, my personal limit rowing is 35 knot winds (40 mph, 65 kph).  At that speed, for every one foot I move forward, I loose 11 inches backward.

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  1. I guess that settles it .You'll have to get an outboard. How about one of those propane thingeys.


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