Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Marathon Social Whirl

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

My friend Walt heard the doctors at the health fair talking shop. They said that the average health of the people here is very much better than the health of people other places in Florida where they hold health fairs. Presumably, that is due to the active life style of cruisers.

Part of that active life for me recently is my acting debut. I've never tried acting before, not even in school, so this is a first for me. I'm playing the role of Leo in a reading of Neil Simon's Chapter Two. A reading is not a full stage play, but I'm learning, it has its own challenges. Without body language and hand waving, one has to emote strongly to convey the ideas by voice only. That's proving difficult for me, but I'm practicing a lot and improving. The show is next Friday and Saturdday.



But that is only part of our calendars. For example, below was our schedule for the previous week.

  • Sunday - Gym workout for Dick.
  • Monday - Gym workout for Dick. Libby teaches ESL at the library. Lunch with Bob & Sandra & Pat & Walt & Darrick & Sharon. Walt & Pat for dinner.
  • Tuesday - Gym workout for Dick. Tai Chi for Libby. Chapter two rehearsal for Dick.
  • Wednesday - Gym workout for Dick. Libby teaches ESL at the library. Chapter two rehearsal for Dick.
  • Thursday - Gym workout for Dick. Tai Chi for Libby. Libby teaches pine needle baskets in he PM. Dick paractices with another cast member in the PM. Evening, dress rehearsal with Libby and Dick and Monty and Carol. Dinner with Monty & Carol after rehearsal.
  • Friday - Libby teaches ESL at the library. Dick rehearses alone on the boat.
  • Saturday - Doggie sit with Maddie. Gym workout for Dick. Terry & Son & Bill & Patty for dinner.
  • Pending all week but cancelled each day, teach Sage to sail her dinghy.
  • Also through the week, 3 boat projects. Boat projects never end.

Are you beginning to see why we and other cruisers like Marathon?



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