Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Review

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

Well, the debut of Chapter Two was Friday, and the finally Saturday.  It was a big success.  We played to full houses both nights.  The audience seemed to really enjoy it.   That takes something really good because here in Florida, nearly all the audience, the actors, and the support staff were up way past their bedtimes.

We are still waiting for the official New York Times theater review.  In the meantime my reviewer, Libby, said that I did a good job.

I can certainly say that the whole experience of learning the part, rehearsing, and performing was a very enjoyable learning experience.  I am rather amazed at the exponentially increasing improvement in our delivery with each practice/real performance.  Even the quality of out second performance was better than the first.

I also learned much more what producers, and directors actually do.  During practice I wanted to change the wording to suit myself, but Jennifer, the director insisted that we stick to Neil Simon's play as written.  She was right of course.  One particular line that I didn't like, (and would have cut out if allowed) actually won me applause as well as laughter when I did it Neil Simon's way.

I'm enouraged to audition for another part in a play next year if they have any parts suitable for an old man.

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