Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Endless Variety

Payson, Arizona


One of the great things about The West is that the geology is so in-your-face. Back East, trees block your long distance views of almost everything. Out here most of the landscapae is bare so you can really see it.

Another great thing is the endless variety. Around every bend in the road, across every crest of the hill is a fresh vista. No two are alike. We delight at the variety, and that is one reason that I keep coming back to the same region again and again All that is true especially for southern Utah.

Since blogging last we:

  • Drove from Torrey UT (Capitol Reef National Park) to Page, AZ. That trek took us through The Waterpocket Fold, and The Colorado River Valley, to Monument Valley.
  • At one point I almost turned back. We had just turned on to UT-95, a 93 miles long road with no crossroads or alterate routes. As we entered the highway, a flashing sign announced "THE LAKE POWELL FERRY OPERATES ONLY ON WEEKENDS." I screeched to a halt. What ferry? I didn't plan to use any ferry. We were navigating via Google Maps, and we had no cell phone connections there. I turned back 1/4 mile and went into a general store to ask. I asked the girl at the counter, "Does this road going south use a ferry?" She answered, "I don't know. I never went that way." Pretty remarkable considering that roads in that town only go in three directions. Never??? But we got a peek at a paper map from some tourists with an RV. No ferry needed for our route.
  • Leaving Page, we visited Glen Canyon Dam, The Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado (where I got vertigo and refused to walk close to the edge of the cliff). Route 89 along the fault line toward Flagstaff. The Wupakti Indian Ruins, and Sunset Crater. We walked the lava trail at the volcano, and Jen declared that her favorite part of the whole trip!
  • We spend Sunday visiting The Grand Canyon. That of course is a must for Jen. Everyone needs to see Grand Canyon with their own eyes. Nobody, no picture, no video can tell you what it' is like.
  • Yesterday we visited Lowell Observatory, and The Meteor Crater, then we drove AZ-87 to Payson. I remembered that road from a trip with Libby 35 years ago, when we were enchanted by the beauty. But alas, I forgot about the seasons. In spring at the high altitudes in the forest everything is verdant and green, but right now it is still winter.
  • We are in Payson right now, and we see that spring has arrived here. The deciduous trees have leaves.
Next we go to the Phoenix area. We arranged a visit with Jen's childhood friend Kristen, and we hope to also arrange a visit with another longtime family friend, Nikki.

We can also shed the long pants and flannel shirts. I can dress in shorts, t-shirt and crocs; my customary attire.



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