Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Kiss Principle Not

Kenab, Utah


Well, yesterday was quite a day. We started in Las Vegas under a beautiful blue cloudless sky. We then drove to Zion under worsening conditions. By the time we arrived at Zion, the weather had closed in. Snow and clouds covered the sky and some of the cliff tops in the park.

But we were not deterred. There were very few visitors to the park, so we were allowed to drive everywhere. The parts of the canyon we could see were as beautiful as ever, and Jen was impressed.

We went to the weeping wall; one place in particular I wanted to share with Jen. As we got out of the car, the rain turned to sleet. No matter, we dressed warm and did the tour.

We continued on to the river walk; the furthest point you can drive, and then on foot to the furthest place you can walk without walking in the water. Now mother nature favored us. Halfway up the walk the rain and sleet stopped and the sun came out. It would have been the perfect setup for a rainbow, except as I just realized, the bottoms of deep canyons are not the best places to look for rainbows.

The final part of the tour as we drove in the car up the wall and through the tunnel to the high elevation part of Zion was really spectacular. When Libby and I were there in May it was hot and dry. This time, half the rocks were covered with snow. It was extra beautiful.

Evidence of the greatness of the day: Jen took 300 pictures. I think she liked it.

What about the Kiss principle. Well, Libby is sometimes better at forethought than I am. She forethought that Jen and I might need to do laundry on the trip. So she put in some capsules of laundry detergent in my toiletry bag so that we could avoid buying detergent on the trip. This morning as I brushed my teethi, I was shocked by a horrible taste in my mouth. It seems that my toothbrush punctured the skin of the detergent capsule. Yuck. Libby's help didn't accounty for the Kiss principle.


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