Saturday, April 04, 2015

Darn, Missed Another Perfect Full Moon

Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida

I wrote before about Perfect Full Moons.  Well, this morning was the time to see one.  How did I know that?  Simple, because the moon set in nearly full eclipse.  Not all perfect moonrises/moonsets are eclipses, but all elcipse moonrises/moonsets are perfect full moons.

Not for the frustrating part.  I was up watching, but I couldn't see it.  Why not?  Because condo buildings and mangrove trees blocked my views of the horizons.   I would have had to be out at see or up in an airplane to see both horizons.

That, plus cloudy days, work against us viewing perfect full moons.  Because of that, I stick by what I say that for most of us, seeing one is a once in a lifetime event.

p.s. Last night the ISS space station flew over just after sunset.  It was spectacular because none of the stars were out yet.  Only Venus, Jupiter, and the ISS were visible in the sky.  It passed directly overhead and we watched it for six minutes.

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