Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Morfarfar's Privilege

Vero Beach, Florida
27 37.70 N 080 22.24

Morfarfar's Privilege.   It is the privilege of grandparents to brag and show off pictures of their offspring.  This jewel shows our granddaughter Sara, and Sara's daughter Anna.  Aren't they both just too  beautiful for words?

By the way, I like the Swedish system better than the English one.  Instead of great grandfather in English, I am mor-far-far in Swedish, i.e. mother's father's farther.  That is more specific, logical, and rhythmic.  The only trouble is that most Swedes don't really say that, they say gammal morfar,which translates to the old granddad.  I don't like that version at all. :-)

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