Friday, May 29, 2015

A Fresh Perspective on Storms

Zebulon, NC

The other day, a severe thunderstorm suddenly approached Dave's house where we are staying.  I was sitting out on the porch.   I realized that the experience was very different on land, as opposed to scrabling to meet an approaching storm on a boat.   We've been on the boat so long that it felt like a fresh experience.

I just sat on the porch and observed.   The wind got stronger and stronger.  Thunder and lightning could be seen to the south.  I watched the tops of the trees swaying, and I saw it as a big branch broke off and fell.   But down at ground level, there was nearly zero wind.  The trees and the house sheltered me from the wind.

In the end, the storm never struck us.  It was a near miss.  The potential hazards are very different.   Falling branches and trees.  Lightning hitting nearby trees or buildings.  Water runoff after the rain.  All that in exchange for anxiety about the anchor dragging.

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