Monday, May 18, 2015

Brookgreen Gardens

Zebulon, NC

In Myrtle Beach, our friends Bo and Joyce took us to a nearby place called Brookgreen Gardens.  It was delightful.  It was created from rice plantations that bordered along the Wacamaw River.  But it was turned into a massive botanical garden and sculpture garden.

What fun it was to roam those grounds because hidden everywhere are these marvelous sculptures.   Libby and I are sure that this is a place that Jennifer would really love to visit.

It is also a place that we have passed by on Tarwathie many times. The upper portions of the Wacamaw River pass through cypress swamps.  We have written about them many times.  They are second only to the upper Pasquotank River for beauty.  But alas, there is no public access to the Brookgreen Gardens from the river.

I made a little video of my photos from that day.  Enjoy.

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