Friday, May 22, 2015

USS North Carolina

Zebulon, NC

Dave and I just returned from a round trip to Florida (more on that later).   Along the way, we took the 5 hour grand tour of the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington.   I toured the ship 10 years ago by myself, but is was much more fun to share it with Dave.  Someday, I expect that Dave can share it with his son Bobby.  Bobby is currently a sailor in the USN.

The North Carolina is by far the best of the warship museums I've seen around the country.  They allow you to see almost all of the spaces above and below deck.   Dave and I both marveled at the amazing number of details designed into the ship to make it operate, even under battle conditions.  The 1930s engineering was very impressive.

Below is another youtube video I made of our tour.  Watch it; you'll like it.  You'll be especially impressed if you have never been close to 16 inch gun munitions.

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