Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The weather turned nasty. So we are sleeping indoors for two nights instead of camping in the rain. Call us fair weather campers if you want to.

Our last night at Annasteague was funny. Numerous thunderstorms came close to us but never hit. In the midst of thunder and lightning while in our tent, I heard the snort of one of the wild horses. It sounded like he was right next to my ear. Then I heard him munching the grass. I could hear the grass tearing as he bit it. The whole thing reminded me of Beethoven's Fifth.

Muncha muncha munch munch snort snort.

Muncha muncha munch munch boom boom.

The drive over here was terrible because we changed our minds about routing mid trip. We wound up driving north, nearly to Wilmington. Then backtracking south nearly to Baltimore, before heading west to Gettysburg.

The Lollaby pines at the shore are the same species as those in Dave's back yard. But they look very different. I guess. It is adaptation to the local environment.


We found this guy in the Forrest. He had a tag on each ear, a GOS tracker on a collar, and what looked like an antenna wire. Running across his back. He seem totally up afraid of us. Probably the result of his repeated manhandling by Feds.

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  1. How odd. The more they handle me, the more frightened I am.


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