Monday, August 10, 2015

Local Knowledge Needed, Lake Huron North Channel

South Burlington, VT

We want to see Georgian Bay and the North Channel.   So many sources say that it is incredibly beautiful.    We would cruise and camp using our canoe, TJ.

But recent experience on Lake Champlain makes us cautious.   Even though most of the day was calm, the wind picked up while we were out on open water.  Experienced boaters know that unexpected shit happens. (pardon my French)

TJ, when loaded down with two people plus all our camping gear, is not seaworthy in anything but mild conditions.  If Lake Champlain is a challenge, then Lake Huron is more so.   We need some charts and/or paddling guides and/or cruising guides and/or personal advice.   The thing to avoid is the need to cross long open stretches of water to get to the next camping destination.

If you can help, please respond.


  1. We have just returned from the North Channel in our sailboat. If you are traveling by canoe, check out Killarney Provincial Park, launching just outside Killarney, Ontario. Collins Inlet is likely about 15 miles long and will get you into Mill Lake (protected) and Beaverstone Bay (a bit less protected). There are campsites all along that section of waterway. The water is pure and clear, and it's one of the more beautiful areas I know. There are people who think I'm crazy, but I'll take North Channel and Georgian Bay cruising any day over what we've seen of Florida. You might also check out the area of the provincial park that contains the French River. I'm not as familiar with the campsites, but again, it's an amazingly beautiful (protected) area. You do, however, need to be cautious about bears in the area. We've seen them approaching campsites in years past.

  2. If you prefer North Channel, check out the provincial park in the area of McGregor Bay (accessible south of Espanola perhaps?). McGregor Bay is filled with hundreds of islands and is VERY protected waters for canoeing and kayaking. However, it is much more populated with cottages than the area of northern Georgian Bay.


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