Saturday, August 08, 2015

Trees Versus Rocks on Valcour

South Burlington, VT

We had another two days out on Valcour Island, via transportation on TJ.   Two things were notable.

  1. We learned the absolute limit of rough water with TJ loaded by camping gear.   The wind came up as we were crossing the open part of the lake.  Waves picked up to 1-2 feet, and some of the waves began shipping water onboard.   We got there OK, but I had to bail as fast as I could.   TJ is nothing at all like Tarwathie senior when it comes to rough water.  On Tarwathie, we would have considered those conditions very mild.
  2. The last weekend of Canadian vacations seems to be teen weekend.  We've seen that before, but always when on Tarwathie.  Last Friday we wound up camped in the tent but surrounded by teen parties.   They kept running back and forth, right through our site.  It wasn't fun.
I've blogged many times in the past about the wonderful trees and rocks on Valcour Island.  They have not lost their charm.  This time I took some close ups of the tree roots trying to pentrate and widen the cracks in the rocks.  Sometimes they fail, but often they succeed (with the help of annual freezing).   The rocks break into blocks.  If only we had some time lapse pictures covering centuries.  Anyhow, some of the variations are seen in following picture collage.

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