Monday, September 14, 2015

1001 Pots, A Visit

South Burlington, VT

During our recent trip to Val David, Pierre took us to the village to meet his friend, Kinya Ishikawa.

Kinya is a true character.  The kind of person that we all delight in meeting.  He has found his way to do the things he loves doing in life, and he is happy with that.

Kinya is a prolific potter.  He is also very generous.  He helps teach autistic children.  He also sponsors the 1001 Pots festival in Val David every year.

Kinya offered us tea.  As we sat he described coming to America, then to Canada.   He also said that he found a secret place, 500 miles north of Val David where one can find a special mushroom much desired in Japan, and worth a small fortune.  Kinya said that he was getting too old to drive there.   Libby started to offer to drive him, (typical Libby).  He replied, "Thank you, but then I would have to kill you."

Kinya's 1001 Pots garden is a wonderland of artistic imagination.  I recommend it as a tourist destination to anyone who can visit that areas.

Kinya Ishikawa 
His teaching studio
Libby and Pierre enter the 1001 Pots Garden
Kinya lit this smoky fire to welcome us
Love this roof.  Kinya says it is beautiful in winter.
Even the paths are paved with pottery.

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