Friday, September 11, 2015

A Magical Trip

South Burlington, VT

We just returned from a three day trip to Val David, Quebec, Canada.   It was GREAT!

We visited sailing friends Christina & Pierre and their son Alexandre at their home near the top of a mountain in The Laurentians.  The home itself is a marvel.   Pierre built it himself, starting from ruins of a previous house.   Most of the house is rustic, but one add-on room is modern.

Alexandre is a budding professional singer, and on our first night there, he put on a show just for us.  It was great.

We also got to visit the artists community in Val David.  More on that in another blog to come.

We also got to see the video of how they built their steel vessel from scratch starting with just plans on paper.   Many people start such projects, but few finish.  This couple did fininsh and the vessel is worthy and comfortable.

We consider Pierre and Christina among our dearest friends.  Perhaps we can persuade them to come to Marathon sometime.

Pierre built this place by hand

A bit of Pierre's art in the yard.

Now Libby wants hinges like this on Tarwathie

From France, not cut, but grown in this form.

Cool in summer, warm in winter, always a comfortable place.

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