Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just Do It

Zebulon, NC

Well, it was a long hard drive to get here.   We had a last minute surprise.  Our grandaughter Sara and great-grandaughter Anna asked to hitch a ride to Dave & Cathy's house where they are going to visit for a while.  Naturally, we are delighted to have their company.

On the other hand, our car was already stuffed full of camping gear, yet Sara has tons of baby equipment.  Fortunately, we could use the canoe as a cargo trailer.  We did that.  I had a bit of fear of being stopped for driving a Beverly Hillbillies type of vehicle, but it all worked out fine.

Before that, I got a call from a W28 owner, and would be cruiser.  He wanted to ask questions about cruising.   Libby and I did our best to answer his questions.   After the call, I realized that his real problem was simply reluctance to take the plunge on such a non-orthodox life style.  I wished I had said to him Just Do It!

Cruising is not for everybody.  That applies to couples and to single people.   They can talk to others, and ask advice, but in the end the only way to know for sure is to try it out.   The magic number seems to be two years.   After two years of cruising, you will almost surely be certain.  Cruising is or is not for you.   If not, then you can give it up and try somethings else.  If yes, then you can finish cutting the ties to land-based life such as houses, cars, and storage bins, and do so without trepidation.

Part time cruising is also a perfectly viable solution for many people.  Indeed, by my estimate, 80% of the cruisers we meed do it part time.   It also seems that after 10 years of full-time cruising, Libby and I are gradually slipping into the  part-time model.

Just about the only choice that I can say is almost always wrong, is to sit home dreaming about living the cruising life, but not actually doing it.  Once again: Just Do It.

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