Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sigh, End of Summer

South Burlington, VT

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is time to leave.  The summer went by fast.   We had a wonderful time.  Jen and Pete were very gracious hosts to allow us to stay for such an extended time.  Thank you very much.

If we had Tarwathie here, we would have departed two weeks ago.  But now it's time to go anyhow.  Our rough agenda is:

  • More family visits.  First with Marilyn in Mechanicville, then John, Cheryl, grandkids and great granddaughter near Rome, NY.   Then to North Carolina to Dave & Cathy's house.
  • Libby wants to spend a week or two on Dave's garden.  I want to go on a canoe trip with Dave.
  • Head south, camping along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have dreams about seeing the parkway in full fall colors, but that may not happen.   I hope that Dave will let us leave the canoe with him over the winter.  Perhaps he could use it for additional trips.
  • Reunite with Tarwathie in Green Cove Springs.  I have (at least) two boat projects to work on before the spash.
  • Splash and start heding south in Florida.   We would like to attend a Westsail Rendezvouis in Cape Canaveral on November 6.
  • We will most likely spend Thanksgiving in Vero Beach and Christmas in Marathon.  Then we are back into our winter life on board.

Every year I write on this blog that end of summer (and end of winter) is a bittersweet experience.  It is true.  We hate to leave, but we miss Tarwathie, and we look forward to next winter's life onboard.  We are very lucky people to enjoy such a fun life style.

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