Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Too Busy To Blog

South Burlington, VT

I've been lax on writing blog posts this summer.   My excuse is that we have been very busy (see below).

Last Thursday, Libby, Jen and I took off for the coast of Maine.   We stayed at an AIRBNB place in the country.   Friday, we did Freeport, then Boothbay Harbor.

On Saturday, we were joined by my sister Nancy and her husband Karl.  The five of us spent most of the day at the new (since 2007) and delightful botanical garden in Boothbay.   It was a professional visit for Jen because she got lots of ideas for plant species to make her clients happy.

After that we
for Rockland to eat in one of my favorite places in the world, the Rockland Café Bar.  Yummy.

We didn't have a place to stay for Saturday Night.  Jen did some research by phone and found a "room" for all five of us close by.  It turned out that the room was an entire cottage lavishly decorated and furnished and right on the water of Penobscot Bay.  It was really charming.  The only down side was that we had to listen to the proprietors endness stories about his homeland in Ireland.

Suday, we continued north.  We stopped to photograph the Islesboro Ferry (sorry Dick and Cathy, we had no chance to stop and visit).  Then on to the charming little village of Bayside (sorry Don and Margaret, we had no chance to stop and visit).  Finally on to Belfast.  Belfast is one of the places on Libby and my short list of places we would like to live if we weren't cruisers.

Today we are off to our fourth camping trip this summer to Valcour Island.

p.s. In times past, when we traveled to places where I had no Internet access, I wrote blogs anyhow, and simply posted them when we got back.  So what excuse do I have for not blogging more often now?  I can blame the iPad.  Because of the phone and iPad, I don't carry a laptop around so much.  In fact, my small and light netbook computer we left on Tarwathie this summer.  I'll have to watch out for that in the future.

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