Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Green Cove Springs, Florida

You should have seen the expression on Libby's face as we drove into the boat yard, and spotted Tarwathie sitting there.    Libby is very happy to be home again, and so am I.  

Tarwathie awaits us in Red-White-and-Blue

We are still de-summerizing the boat, so last night I offered to take Libby out for dinner.  She insisted that I bring food back so that we could eat in our home.   Last night we slept very well.   It shows how powerful the emotional tie to home is, and how much we missed her while being away for 5 months.

Tarwathie was in good shape.  No mold or mildew inside.  The onlhy apparant damage was that I found our Windex laying on the deck shattered.   Oh well, in the years before Tarwathie we were accustomed to breaking a Windex at least once per year.

We have one plumbing project, before splash.  I'm also waiting for permission to paint the hull above the waterline.   If we paint, we'll be here 10 or more days.  If not, we will splash in two days.


  1. I found you guys. That sure is a great picture but to us what is great is the fact that our burgundy 27' Hunter "Aqua Equus" is in the background. We are on the schedule to splash on the 22nd. I hope Libby got her Dunkin Donut. It was great to have met you guys and we look forward to a long friendship. Ron & Jan

  2. Welcome Home, Dick and Libby!
    Portland, OR

  3. Hey there Dick and Libby, my wife and I met you at the marina in Green Cove Springs in Oct of 2015. Are you guys still sailing Tarwathie? Ron & Jan S/V Aqua Equus


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