Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hot Hot Hot

Green Cove Springs, Florida

We are back on the boat, but there are two projects to complete before splash.

  1. Replumbing the sanitary system.   Before leaving GCS last May, we noticed black water dripping from the discharge through-hull.   That shouldn't be possible; especially since the sea cock was closed.   I theorized that the pipes were clogged with salt.   A few years ago, I replaced the section of pipe closest to the toilet.  It was so salt encrusted that the 1.5 inch pipe was only open the diameter of a fat pencil.

    That project is now finished, but my theory is proved wrong.  The rest of the piping was not blocked by salt.  But I improved things anyhow.  We have not used the ability to dump overboard since the last time we were in the Bahamas.  I therefore simplified everything and piped the toilet directly to the holding bladder.  No Y-valve, no hand-pump, no connection to the sea cock.  The sea-cock I permanently blocked.
  2. The big proect is to repaint the white part of the hull above the water line with Awlgrip.  My friend Greg is advising me.  He insists that it is not as hard as I imagine and that I can make it look almost as good as a professional spray paint job.  I'll report again when we are finished.  It will take a week.
The real obstacle is that it is so hot and the sun is so intense that I find it difficult to work outside in the afternoons.

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