Wednesday, October 21, 2015

OMG, Poor Women Bloggers

Green Cove Springs, FL

I read a very interesting article today.  It was about a woman violinist who writes a blog (like me).  She has published her blog for about 10 years (like me).   Unlike me, she collected more than 1000 obscene comments from her blog.

Then the OMG moment happened.  If our blog was written by Libby instead of me, then she would have collected a similar list of obscene comments.   I never considered that.

In Marathon, I teach seminars on writing blogs.  It never occured to me to mention this sexist aspect of the Internet.  I will mention it in the future, and suggest that women blog authors who might get really upset by inappropriate comments, might have to disguise their identity as a man for defensive reasons.  That's sad.

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  1. I've been writing a cruising blog for about seven years and have only received a few negitive comment and never any sexual in nature. I know 20 or more women bloggers and they have never indicated they have had any issues either. All comments can be deleted and you can block anyone you like from leaving a comment. I believe you can even block comments that contain certain context.


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