Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tarwathie's Soul

Green Cove Springs, FL

One of our most beloved possessions on board is our ship's clock.  The sounding of the ship's bells every thirty minutes, and the ritual of winding the clock every few days are sources of delight and "being at home" feelings of wellness.  When at sea, Libby and I actually change the watch at eight bells.

We have struggled to keep the clock running over the years.  It is getting more and more difficult.  Also, all the exterior shine and lacquer are worn.

I recently learned that we can have Chelsea Clocks restore the clock to new condition.  I'm sending it away today to get that done.  They won't tell you in advance how much it costs.  Time will tell.  No matter what they say, it would be hard to say no.

Tarwathie will feel incomplete while the clock is away.

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