Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Third Time A Winner

Marathon, FL

Three times this year I got to travel with Jen.  First, Jen and I spent two weeks exploring Utah, Arizona and Nevada in the spring.  Second, Libby, Jen and I had a long weekend in Maine with Nancy and Karl.   This third time, Anna, Jen and I traveled to the airports in Orlando and Jacksonville.
  • We started with a drive up the keys on a very windy cool day.  The azure waters looked anything but inviting that day.  It looked rough and chilly.  I'm glad we weren't sailing out there that day.
  • We drove across Alligator Alley in search of wildlife and fauna.  We were a bit late and the sun was setting, but we had a good sampling of everything we came for.  As a capper, we saw a spectacular sunset from within the heart of The Everglades.  
  • We then drove north to Labelle, FL where (as I reported earlier) there just happened to be the Log Cabin BBQ.
  • The next day (after breakfast at the BBQ) we drove north to Seabring, FL.   There wasn't as much to see as I thought.  However, we found a classic Florida flea market.  That was excellent for people watching and for Americana.  That was the perfect end for Anna, before she boarded her plane back to Sweden.
  • The day after that, Jen and I visited Silver Springs State Park, and we rode the famous glass bottom boat.   One of my fondest childhood memories was when my mother, Helen, and my aunt Gracie took me there in 1951.  Jen and I were not disappointed this time.  Those springs and those glass bottom boats are wonderful and timeless.   That is a stop I recommend for anyone.
  • Finally, I dropped Jen at JAX and started heading south again.  By 1600 the next day, I was back onboard Tarwathie.   Now we have the car down here with us.  I plan to use it to pick up Katelyn when she comes to visit in February.
I feel very privileged.  It was a great time and those girls make wonderful company.

Here's a few pictures from Jen & Anna's visit.
The glass bottom boat

View through the glass bottom

Typical American flea market

Anna & Jen

Making fused glass

Hiking the Seven Mile bridge

Jen can't resist gardening

A sumptuous birthday feast with friends.

A Princess tårta with marzipan smuggled in from Sweden.  A marvelous surprise.

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