Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Happens When You Flip the Light Switch?

Marathon, FL

Blogging is not enough to satisfy my urges for creative writing.
I detest micro-blogging, meaning one sentence messages on Facebook or Twitter.  If you write more than a sentence there, the response is TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read).  Books seem too much like work.  Libby and I are working on a SF novel (although that goes slowly).  Essays, articles and blog posts are just right in my opinion.

I've done magazine articles, even ones that pay me money.  But I don't like the extremely long lead-times necessary in that venue.  I want my gratification instantly.

Physics Forums provides me with a suitable outlet in their Science Insights Series.  I previously mentioned the one about rainbows. That was probably the most general interest article I'll put there.

This Physics Forums article explains how the power grid works in layman's terms.  Especially the chain of scientific, engineering, economic, and even political events that you trigger when you flip the switch.

I have three more such articles in the works.  I'll post them here after publication.

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