Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lonely Girl

 Placida, FL

Poor Tarwathie.  She is about to be left all alone for the summer.  We think this is a safe place.  See the blue dot on the maps.  The nearest big city is Punta Gorda.

We think this is a safe place.  To get here we had to go through a lock.  There are mangroves in every direction.   We are miles from the shore.   The boat yard will tie down Tarwathie with 4 straps to screw augers in the ground.

Her first ride on a truck

Our friends steered us right.  These boat yards are very professional.  We had an appointment for a 1000 haul out.  We arrived at 0945.   By 1010 she was up on land.  By 1030 she was trasferred to a truck.  By 1130 she was in a storage yard one mile away, all blocked and ready for the summer.

Libby and I figure that by Friday morning, we'll be ready to leave and start driving north.

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