Sunday, April 03, 2016

What A Pleasure

En Route Near Sanibel Island
26 28.44 N 082 05.86 W

I mentioned that we took a cruiser friend Lynn on board for the passage up from Marathon. I'm so glad we did that. Lynn was by far the most enjoyable crew person we've ever had on an offshore passage. She's a real sweetheart; one of the nicest people we ever met while cruising.

Both Libby and I had fun teaching Lynn some of the basics of offshore cruising. She really loved it. At one point she sat on the bow while four dolphins (one of them pregnant) cavorted beneath her. That made her so happy that she cried.

Libby and Lynn also did a lot of girl talk when I was below sleeping. I think that they both enjoyed that a lot.

Lynn and Louie. (Louie did not sail with us)

We spent two nights in Fort Meyers Beach. We got to see cruising friends Dick & Kathy Degrasse who have not been in Boot Key Harbor for several years.

Today, we are heading for Caya Costa, an island that is a state park. We'll kill some time there before going to Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage on Tuesday for a Wednesday haul out.


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