Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sara & Harley's Wedding

Utica, NY

Well, it was a great family weekend focused on a beautiful wedding on Friday between Sara (our granddaughter) and Harley.   The venue was Green Lakes State Park, in Fayetteville, NY which is a lovely place.  The weather was perfect.

I won't bore blog readers with our extensive photo album, but here area a few highlights.   The bride was beautiful and the groom very handsome, but as predicted their daughter Anna (our great granddaughter) stole the show.

The ceremony with Sara's other Grandad Dick officiating.

Here comes flower girl Anna

Anna with Grandma Cheryl

Anna with Grandpa John

On Saturday, we spent another great family day with Jennifer, John, and Becky (John's S.O.).  That too was a delight.  We love Becky, she's a sweetheart.

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