Monday, May 02, 2016

Why Fewer Posts on this Blog?

New Bern, NC

Have you noticed that the frequency of posts on this blog seems to be getting fewer.  I noticed, so I plotted the actual numbers.

Yup, it's true.

I think there are three reasons.

  1. Like all writers, I try to avoid repeating myself.  As the archive of posts gets longer (2829 as of today) it becomes increasingly harder to think of fresh topics.
  2. We have been less mobile in recent years, with longer stays in Vermont and in Marathon.  That means our lives are becoming more repetitive.
  3. Most recently, I have become very passionate about  I've written 1614 posts, and 6 technical articles for Physics Forums.  I'm also proud to have been elected to the rank of "physics advisor" there. Anyhow, writing for competes directly with writing for this blog.

So, I have no intention of abandoning this blog ever, but chances are that it will never return to 2009 levels.

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