Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cultural Finds

South Burlington, VT

I imagine a future archeologist discovering this packet that I found today at the airport.  It is very revealing about the differences between American and India culturally.

The packet appears to be from an Indian Student from Indian Institute of Technology Guahati.  There is a note pad form Stowflake Resort and Conference Center in Stowe VT, so the student probably went to a conference there.

In addition to the pad are:

  • A pouch saying "My Clear Bag"
  • A pen
  • A stapler
  • A box of staples
  • A package of paper clips
  • Two large sheets of tracing paper (I haven't seen tracing paper since my own time in school.)
  • A tube of mosquito repellent
  • A package of mosquito repellent incense.
  • A bar of soap that says "germ protection + Insta Deo"
  • Copies of a form saying "Supplementary Answer Sheet"
I'll turn it in to lost and found, but I thought you might be as interested as I what an Indian student carries as he travels internationally.

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