Thursday, July 14, 2016

Grandparent's Side Trip

Old Forge, NY

We took a side trip to see our Grandson Nick.  Nick is on leave from the Army, and recently returned from an overseas deployment.  

We found a camp site at Nick's Lake (LOL the name is a coincidence).   Nick and I, then Libby and Nick paddled around the lake.  It was a beautiful day, and the lake is beautiful.   We watched and listened as massive thunderstorms built in the sky.  But thanks to technology, I could see that the two storms would not pass our way.  Sure enough neither storm came within 30 miles of us.

Bonus, our meeting point with Nick was the Subway in Old Forge.  Guess what?  Our granddaughter Katelyn got her first summer job there, so we got to get a hug from her also.

In the evening, Libby and I sat by the camp fire and listened to the thunder from storms down near Oneida, NY about 50 miles away.  It is remarkable how calmly we react to storms while on land, as comparted to at sea.  When you see a thunderstorm at sea, it wakens feelings of dread.   Even though we've weathered many such storms on Tarwathie, and we are confident in her and us, we still feel apprehension and dread as one approaches.

I have no trouble finding our car in parking lots after the canoe's new paint job.

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