Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hidden Right Under Our Nose

Woodstock, VT

Do you know about, Marsh - Billings - RockefellerNational Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont?   We didn't either.  When we got there, the ranger said that most people from Vermont and New Hampshire also didn't know about it.  Even the neighbors from Woodstock didn't know it was there.  Now that's a good open secret.

Anyhow, the buildings, the grounds and the gardens are jewels.  They rival Shelburne Farms (which was a contemporary development with this one.)  Admission is free.  So if you're ever near this place, allow a few hours for a visit.  You'll enjoy it.

Below is a little photo animation from our tours today of the mansion and the gardens.

By the way, I think Google Photos sucks.  There are many things the old Picassa did well, that Google Photos does poorly or not at all.  This photo animation whose speed I can't control is an example.   

To see a much better slideshow of these pictures, click here.

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