Sunday, August 14, 2016

Home Is Where The Heart Is

South Burlington, VT
Home is where the heart is.
I certainly didn't invent that old saying/proverb/idiom, but I do believe in it.  So does Libby.

All summer long, in North Carolina, Vermont, and New York Libby and I have been having almost nonstop fun doing things that we can't do on a boat.   But it is also true that we miss Tarwathie.

Tarwathie is our home, no matter where Tarwathie is.   We think about her and miss her every day.

This is the third time we left Tarwathie behind in Florida while we traveled elsewhere by car for the summer season.  That allows us to visit family and friends, and to see and do many things we enjoy.   But the whole time we're doing that we're not home.

It is mid August.  I suspect that before long we will begin to get "antsy" and feel urges to return home.   A hindrance is the oppressive heat of summer and early fall in Florida which we really can't tolerate.

Of course the solution to that is to bring Tarwathie with us over the summer as we did 8 of the previous 11 years.  We simply follow the temperate weather north and south with the seasons. That trip gets more difficult as we get older.  The 5000 mile round trip (which includes many zigs and zags thus adding to the mileage) becomes more difficult to accomplish.  But I'm not prepared to say that we will never do that trip again.  Next year is the 200th anniversary of The Erie Canal, so it would be an auspicious year to be there to see it.

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