Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hull Paint Project, Part 2

Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage, Port Charlotte, FL

Prep is complete,  materials in-hand, painting starts tomorrow.  Here was my shopping list (exclusive of boatyard and living expenses).

When you cruise full time and own no house or storage bin, space for stuff is very limited.  Some of this stuff, like planks and sawhorses, and box fan, I'll have to leave behind on the "free table".  I'll try to hang on to the Dewalt sander, but I really have no room for it.   Buying tools to be discarded after a single use goes against the way I was brought up.

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  1. Howdy neighbors. We love meeting cruisers like you two that inspire us to continue on. We have just finished our rookie year of cruising. We still have the boat in one piece and two people aboard, so I guess we did OK. Looking forward to working on our boat right next to yours and getting a chance to get to know such nice people. If you need a hand painting, just knock on our hull.

    Mike and Brenda
    s/v Wrinkles


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