Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hull Paint Project, Part 3

Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage,  Port Charlotte, FL
Hooray, the primer coat job was done this morning in 4 hours.  (Good thing too, because by the time we got finished, the sun became really hot.)  

Here are a few of the noteworthy things, including the boneheaded stunts.
  • Panic at first paint can opening.  The can was only 1/3 full!  WTF!  But then I realized that the can was oversized to leave room to add catalyst and thinner, and to stir it without spilling.  That's sensible, but it also means that the price wasn't $50/quart it was $150/quart!
  • The primer paint goes on really thin, and the color coverage is not very good.  No problem, the finish coats are supposed to provide the cover.
  • I feared running out of paint.  We had 2 cans to cover 300 square feet.  I heard one place that the coverage was 120 square feet, but we could thin it to 150.  Then another source said only 100 square feet.  I feared that we needed one more can.  But it worked.  We painted every square inch planned without a single drop of paint left over.
  • As I was working on the stern, I looked down at our car parked close in.  Oh no, it had paint drips on the roof, and the windows!  I scrambles with thinner and clean rage.  All the spots came off.  Whew!  Boneheaded stunt.  I moved the car far away.
  • I used foam roller covers just like Jamestown Distributors recommended, but the foam dissolved in the paint and fell off the roller.  I finished the last little bit of the starboard side holding the foam in my fingers.  It got my gloves all painty.  When I got down, I saw white fingerprints on the rub rail where I braced myself getting down.
  • Libby refused to wear the safety glasses.  Some of the paint thinner splashed in her eye.  It was painful, and she felt at risk up on the scaffold while blinded.  I guided her down, poured clean water in her eye, and dabbed it with a rag a few times.  It worked OK, no injury and no remaining redness.
  • With that stuff in her eye, Libby took off her disposable gloves.  Then she forgot to use new gloves when resuming her work.  Got her hands all covered with paint.
  • I bought too much of the thinner because of a misunderstanding between me and the Jamestown Distributor expert who I consulted.  I'll return the extra.
  • It worked well to paint the east-facing starboard side 0730-0930 when the sun was low and the temperature was in the 70s, then move to the shaded port side 0930-1130.  By 1200 both sides were in the sun and the temperature was in the 90s.

[p.s. I know that lots of regular blog readers just wait for the next boneheaded stunts I pull.  I sure seem to do my best to keep them entertained.]

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