Friday, October 28, 2016

Hull Paint Project, Part 7

Placida, F L


Cruising friend Greg have me the following advice.Thanks Greg.


With a DA sander use 100 to 120 grit to sand hull (light hand)

1 For your 32' boat, 2 quarts of top coat should allow you 3 coats on the hull.

2 Mix 16 oz top coat, 8 oz brushing converter (LET STAND 30 MIN) and at least 8 oz
brushing reducer(should be slightly thicker than water)

3 Wipe down boat with acetone and tack surface.

4 Use 4" hard foam roller.

5 Coat roller with paint and roll nearly dry in pan (repeat).

6 Touch roller to paint and roll in pan only to spread paint on roller (not to dry).

6 That should give you enough paint on roller to cover 12"to 18" sheer to boot.

7 Paint should be even coat with bubbles.

8 LIGHTLY tip vertically (you are breaking bubbles not spreading paint)
Leaving the last 2 " of bubbles un-tipped. This will keep you from having a hard line.

9 Roll the next 12 to 18" and tip.

10 When you get to the stern stop and check to make sure you have enough paint to finish
second side. If no mix more, if yes keep moving.

11 Stop, repeat next morning.

Almost all of that agrees with what RickW at Jamestown Distributors said.

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