Friday, October 28, 2016

Hull Paint Project, Part 8

Placida, FL

Well we completed the first day of the redo of the top coat. It went much better this time. I think we are on the regular to a successful completion. But:

  • We vowed to put it on THIN this time. Our target was to paint half the boat with one quart of paint. It covered 3/4 instead of 1/2.
  • We vowed to go slower this time to avoid errors due to haste. We went too slow. The poor life of this two part paint is 2-3 hours, minus 30 minutes wait before starting. It took us 4.5 hours to finish. At the end the paint started acting funny. By the time I realized that the paint was hardening in the can, some of it was already on the boat. I had to scramble with rags and thinner to wipe off the last 6 square feet.
SO, tomorrow THIN (but not quite so thin), and SLOW (but not quite so slow). Sigh.

We are also having trouble with the foam roller covers from Jamestown. The say "solvent resistant core" but the foam layer bedding coming off very soon, and bits of foam start coming off with the paint. We used 5 roller covers this morning for 3/4 of one coast. I'm going to try a different brand of covers from the local Sherwin Williams paint store.


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