Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Touring Central Florida

Umatilla, FL

Yesterday, Libby and I did some touring of the surrounding areas.
  • Central Florida is a jewel.
  • Ocala National Forest is a jewel.  I think we'll do a lot more exploring there in the next few months.
  • Most of the 200 mile trip, was on rural or wilderness roads.  The amount of non-swamp wilderness areas in Central Florida are mind boggling.  Unlike the vast stretches in the West, this land has lots of fresh water available.
  • Large scale agriculture here is also impressive.  It reminds us of California's Central Valley.
  • We also passed through Palatka and Deland, FL.  Both of those are urban as heck, resembling the overcrowded coastal cities.
  • Our "goal" for the day was Blue Springs State Park.  We are very glad we went there.  There were 101 manatees there yesterday.  I think our friends Jeff & Wendy brought their Westsail 32 up there one year.  That would be a marvelous adventure for Tarwathie if only we could get under one 45 foot bridge.
  • Below are some pictures from the park.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time there in Central Florida exploring a new area. We will miss you coming down to Marathon this winter however.

  2. If you get to the Ocala area, give me a shout, Dick. adkdave@hotmail dot com. Oh, and I just posted on Drift Away's old blog about writing. Since you like to write, you might enjoy it.


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