Monday, November 14, 2016

What's Not to Like?

Umatilla, FL

People keep asking us if we are giving up our cruising life.  No.  Not yet anyhow.  This is an experiment, and a backup living arrangement just in case of future medical problems.   On the other hand, we are finding this area and this life style extremely attractive.

I already raved about the RV park, so I won't repeat that.

This part of Florida is delightful, and so unlike either coast.  There are actual hills around here OMG!   There are also green fields of grass, and rolled up bales of hay.   Local agriculture seems to be mostly horse farms, and citrus groves.  In fact, this very RV park is built on the site of an orange grove.  I'll tell that story in a later post.

This stationary front stayed overhead all morning.
Yesterday we toured Ocala National Forest, which is only 5 miles away.   We ended up at Alexander Springs.  What a delightful place.  The spring water there is as clear as the famous Silver Springs, and the water temperature there is 72 F (same temperature at all the springs around here.)  We are in Lake County, a place with 1735 spring-fed lakes, and 20% of the county's area is water.  Our local lake, Pearl Lake has water that tests cleaner than any municipal water supply.

Alexander Springs
Last week we made an excursion to IKEA in Orlando.  To Libby and I, shopping is not entertainment, but a chore.  IKEA is the exception to that rule.  We love going there.  We bought not only household stuff, but Christmas presents, and Swedish food.  However, even the brief exposure to Orlando's holiday off-peak traffic and congestion was a reminder of how different most of Florida is.  We think places like Umatilla are a paradise and places like Orlando are a hell.

We also find the people here are friendly and welcoming, both inside the park and in the city (Umatilla is a city, population 2502).

Meanwhile, Libby is doing a binge on gardening.  I love to see her enjoying herself so much.   I'll post some pictures soon of her results.

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